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It’s official! Date a boy who travels…

It’s official! Date a boy who travels…

The Tree Lodge makes Lake Travis Lifestyle’s 10 List.

A recent article by Emily O’Shaughnessy appeared on the Lake Travis Lifestyle website entitled “10 Lodging Options in the Lake Travis Area.”

The Tree Lodge came in at number 6, we are proud to report! Even though the Tree Lodge is not a multi unit property, Emily said is was “so cool” she had to include it. Thank you Emily!

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Kitchen for a small space

Kitchen for a small space

This would be a good look for the Tree Lodge kitchenette conversion to a full kitchen.


35 Texas Secrets To Having The Best Summer Ever

35 Texas Secrets To Having The Best Summer Ever

Here’s a fun look at how to survive the Texas HEAT and still have some fun. Enjoy! When you’re ready to vacation near Lake Travis or Lake Austin, the Lake Travis Tree Lodge is the place. We’re developing a reputation as a secluded couples retreat…

America’s Best Girlfriend Getaways…

…and Austin made the list!


If your friends stalk Spotify more than Facebook, planning a get-together in Austin will have you bonding to a sweet tune. Austin’s more affordable hipster music haunts can be found in the East Side district, where Emo’s draws indie music fans for local and touring bands. Spend another night in downtown Austin’s Red River district for live music at Red Eyed Fly and rock-and-roll karaoke atBeerlandContigo’s killer cocktails made with mezcal, tequila, and fresh ingredients like raw ginger and lime should embolden the shy among you.

Back from Ecuador Adventure Trip

La Mitad del Mundo:



I’m back from a solo adventure trip to Ecuador, Dec. 15-30, 2012.

Had a spectacular time. Bused from Guayaquil to Montanito on the Pacific coast. Laid back, hippie surfer dude town with good vibes.

Took a boat ride to Isla de la Plata, aka the poor man’s Galapagos. Blue footed boobies galore.

Met a german Thomas H. who had rented a car and gave me a ride back to Guayaquil. From there I took my one and only flight to Cuenca – the buses are faster, cheaper and more efficient!

Cuenca, a world heritage sight, was stunning. Very colonial feel. Nicest ex-pats I’ve ever encountered. Met J.D. and Lin B. from Azle, Texas. I stayed in a fabulous Bed and Breakfast, names La Casa del Centro – – very nice owners William and Maria, quiet, clean, safe. Very homey and comfy. Book in advance.

Bused to Alausi – spent Christmas Eve here not feeling too well.

Bused to Banos on Christmas day. Beautiful traveler town situated in sheer mountains near an active volcano. Thermal waters felt great.

Bused to Quito. Stayed in the Mariscal area at Hotel Cayman. Very updated and clean. Quiet and near lots of bars/restaurants. Nice area somewhat like the warehouse district here in Austin. Rode the Teleferiqo up to the mountain to 13,450 ft.

Went to Oltavalo market, lots of shopping and to La Mitad del Mundo, middle earth – great tourist spot for a photo.

Go to Ecuador if you get the chance.

Hello world!

Welcome to the Lake Travis Tree Lodge, a secluded 2-room guesthouse suite nestled among the trees with stunning views of Lake Travis in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country, 25 mins from downtown Austin. Our webpage is:

Moonrise over Lake Travis

Moon rise over Lake Travis